Is it really Monday already? I feel like that was the shortest weekend in history. I definitely wasn’t ready to go back this morning, but that’s life I suppose. I had a pretty average day, the kids were extra zombie-like this morning though. This week shouldn’t be nearly as crazy as last week; the kids are finishing up Night and working on their memoirs. Because of proficiency grading, ( ) students are not able to work on things at home, so I had to schedule three days of lab time in order for them to type up and work on their memoirs. This alongside the quizzes, time to read and discuss the text in class, and studying for the comprehensive final leaves little time for extra activities, which means less planning for me! I am in the midst of writing my work sample which by the end, it will be about 80-90 pages. WOOO! This work sample includes lesson plans, lesson reflections, student work, and an assortment of other large amounts of paperwork. I’m thankful that I am doing my unit early in the term so that I have until mid-March to complete my work sample. And then I’m back to my sixth graders! I miss them already. It’s a whole different planet. I miss their high energy and excitement for learning. I love my tenth graders because I can joke around with them and have more intellectual conversations with them, but I do miss my sixth graders. So yeah, pretty uneventful Monday. Maybe it’s just the calm before the storm…



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